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Festivals Magic


Rabindra Janmotsav is celebrated in mid-April to mark the Bengali New Year and as well Tagore’s anniversary . Since the birth date of poet Rabindranath Tagore falles during the first fornight of may(8-9) when University remains closed for summer vacation. Rabindra_janmotsav
Briksharopon Briksharopan, the festival of planting saplings, and Halakarshan, the festival of plowing the fields, are celebrated on 22nd and 23rd day of Sravana (August).On the date of poet demise(22nd august) visva-bharthi observes this utsav.
Poush Utsav is inaugurated on 7th Poush (around 23 December). At dawn, Shantiniketan wakes up to the soft music of shehnai. The first to enter the scenario is the Vaitalik group, who go round the ashrama (hermitage) singing songs. It is followed by a prayer-meeting at Chhatimtala. Then the entire congregation moves on to Uttarayan singing songs. Pous Utsav
Vasanta Utsav An annual Bengali festival Dol which was named as Vasanta Utsav by Gurudev (Rabindranath Tagore) , Vasanta Utsav heralds the coming of spring season and is an integral part of the Bengali culture. Rabindranath introduced this lovely occasion as an annual event in his Bishwabharati University in Shantiniketan (West Bengal, India). Every year, the students and the youths of the institution, attired in colorful dresses like yellow (Basanti Colour in Bengali), celebrate Holi in a very special way. A number of cultural programs, including group choreography, songs and dance performances, are staged.